FREE Backcasting Model Poster*(download)
FREE Backcasting Model Poster*(download)

FREE Backcasting Model Poster*(download)

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    *DONATION? We would love your help though. As we are a not for profit and the need for educational reform is essential, there are a lot of places in the world that cannot afford even our much lower ed2ed training prices. So, in order to support more social and educational innovation in the world by running our education focused programs we offer you the chance to make a donation of any amount to provide for scholarships for people to attend our masterclasses in challenging & emerging societies.

    In the coming 2 years we will actively support educational growth in Kenya, Ukraine and Nepal with our suite of educational courses & services (as KPLDA) . It is our intention to support systemic change in these countries by providing an alternative to western academic education.

    We are so happy that you have decided to download the KAOSPILOT Vision back-casting method (VBM) for ‘how to design transformational Education’. We hope that you can use and hack this framework to increase the impact, relevance, autonomy, active learning and overall engagement & self-direction for your students and out future leaders.

    This very flexible framework has been used by the KP and over 2500+ participants & alumni of the ‘Art & Craft of Designing and facilitating learning spaces’  a 3 days masterclass that explores the potential for increasing the bandwidth for creativity, innovation, engagement & risk in education and which is built around the use and application of the VBM.

    Now, 4 years after its original design and improvements, its ready to share for free as part of the KP outreach to support educators all over the world with a process that encompasses the core questions and leanings from 26 years of the KAOSPILOT school of leadership and enterprise in developing powerful learning strategies.


    We also use this framework to create powerful leadership, innovation, organisation and cultural developmental in-house training programs to offer an alternative to MBA training investment through in-house project based, real time innovation and cultural change training that deliver a high ROI.

    In a nutshell, use this process to design ‘Packaging the pursuit of knowledge’ which when applied within a safe, experiential and experimental education, supporting risk-taking, failure and innovation in partnership with multiple stakeholders, instructors and diverse students as co-learners and facilitators, offering their experience and knowledge together with current industry, social and political input, needs and trends.