FREE The Learning Arch Design Canvas (download)
FREE The Learning Arch Design Canvas (download)

FREE The Learning Arch Design Canvas (download)

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The learning arches, developed by Simon Kavanagh (as a core tool explored during the ART & CRAFT of DESIGNING & FACILITATING LEARNING SPACES masterclasses , are primarily a method to design transparent, collaborative, experiential and transformational learning journeys. They support a learning process that maximise engagement, autonomy, capacity, ambition, ownership, risk taking, confidence, relevance, failure and most importantly, dialogue between the learners, hosts, facilitators, instructors, teachers as stakeholders of the learning. I like referring to it as a design method to ‘UN-PACKAGE THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE’. 

THE POSTER UTILISES the 4Ds to define, design, deliver & discover experiential learning journeys. It contains the full process t create and sustain engagement, the 7Cs: 1.CONNECTION, 2.CONDITIONS, 3.CONTEXT, 4.CONTENT, 5.CRAFT,  6.CHARACTER & 7.CONFIDENCE. The LADC frames the key questions that we consider when designing powerful and relevant leaning journey sand design. Fx:

  • How do you create, unfold & cultivate skills / knowledge / attitudes & values
  • Design for individual / group / team learning on a professional & personal level
  • Define the what are the conditions / frames / roles & expectations to clarify & set how to work together
  • How will the content be: learned / unpackaged / made relevant / delivered & measured
  • Top tips from kaospilot on unfolding content, facilitation, designing learning using learning arches
  • How will you balance theory & practice, performance & reflection, high & low action & adaptive application?
  • What tools, models, methods, frameworks & theories will you use in the learning journey?
  • Visualise your learning journey / arches & create the big picture & map the adventure!
  • What are you learning & discovering while you are running the learning arches in real time
  • What: are you discovering / learning about this way of working that you want to unfold?
  • Deep listening, observation,  evaluation & feed forward learning

Learning arches support the creation of YOUR own style of facilitated Learning. Prepare and create the frames for alignment, commitment and direction for your students every day,  week, module, semester, year and most importantly for THE SPACE, and then lead and hold it! Invite students to be part of the learning journey and then connect and host it with them. Even better create it with them! They support students to expand and deepen their collective learning that maximises the learning levels of individual, group and team.

“The Bottom line is, that learning arches help you move from the archaic TEACH > LEARN > PERFORM pedagogy, sustained by the old guard who are change averse and held by procedures, policies, regulation, top down control and ultimately a generational miss alignment, to the contemporary and emergent style of learning, ACT > LEARN > ADAPT. The latter supports a more adaptive and collaborative self-efficacy and leadership model which speaks to a higher capacity and ambition in our students and aims to educate and develop them to create their own future as reflective activists and change leaders.” Simon Kavanagh Director of KAOSPILOT LEARNING DESIGN AGENCY